The Crack In The Cosmic Egg (rom download, update 2)

from Audion

2020 DVD-rom edition v1-2 updated complete
ISBN 978-1-5272-6834-0
Encyclopedia of Krautrock, Kosmische Musik, & other progressive, experimental & electronic musics from Germany
by Steve Freeman & Alan Freeman.

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Physical rom, rear cover notes: The rise of experimental music in (West) Germany since the 1960s is unrivalled, and its influence can be found in nearly all forms of modern music. This fertile scene, of which the core is commonly known as Krautrock, bridged psychedelia, new forms of fusion, ethnic/world-music, kosmische musik, electronic music, etc., and is full of surprises.
A veritable cornucopia of delights, almost every groundbreaking new form of music flourished in Germany, and it didn't stop with the 1970s.
In this new DVD-rom edition we explore the history and all the bands and artists that made this happen.
All completely revised, and with tons of new sections and features, it’s an engrossing read.

For complete details, see the original edition here on Bandcamp.


This 2021 DVD-rom edition v1-2 (rom download, update 2) comes with the update ready and installed.

The update includes:

update 1
9 new "Articles" pages (articles & reviews from the press, inc. translations)
15 new artist pages: Deutsch Nepal, Sohrab Keyaniyan, Gunther Wüsthoff, Steinzeit, Karl Hector & The Malcouns, One Trip Pony, Rodinia, Whitefield Brothers, JJ Whitefield, BFO, Burning Touch, Denise, Horizon Cee, Martha, Pissoff
359 new images.
The contents of the "late additions" folder have been moved and linked.

update 2
additional "Articles" entries
21 new artist pages (many with additional sub-pages)
14 other new sub-pages
382 new images
major additions:
studios.html (guide to 58 studios)
lots of additions to the "rumours" others section
all artists in "rumours" are now in the cross-reference
1 new audio item
1 new video

If you have already purchased the original DVD rom, you can then get an installable update for free. See the link in the orange panel here: or get your download link via email: with the subject Cosmic Egg rom updates.

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