The Crack In The Cosmic Egg (on USB stick)

from Audion

2020 DVD-rom edition
ISBN 978-1-5272-6834-0
Encyclopedia of Krautrock, Kosmische Musik, & other progressive, experimental & electronic musics from Germany
by Steve Freeman & Alan Freeman.

The rom download will be supplied as a zip file on Verbatim USB stick.

We may order more USB sticks, if requested. Please enquire.

Rear cover notes: The rise of experimental music in (West) Germany since the 1960s is unrivalled, and its influence can be found in nearly all forms of modern music. This fertile scene, of which the core is commonly known as Krautrock, bridged psychedelia, new forms of fusion, ethnic/world-music, kosmische musik, electronic music, etc., and is full of surprises.
A veritable cornucopia of delights, almost every groundbreaking new form of music flourished in Germany, and it didn't stop with the 1970s.
In this new DVD-rom edition we explore the history and all the bands and artists that made this happen.
All completely revised, and with tons of new sections and features, it’s an engrossing read.



1 x 1.6 GB html rom on Verbatim USB stick

Works just like an enormous web site.
Portable design, requires no installation.
Will run on any system with a DVD drive and html browser.

Basic rom statistics

pages: 11450 files (93396 KB) 91.2 MB
images: 31741 files (847925 KB) 828.05 MB
audio/video: 117 files (651520 KB) 636.25 MB
total: (1644551 KB) 1606 MB


Auricle label: 2:45:52 / 165:52
Bonus Audion 0-10 rom: 1:17:22 / 77:22
Cosmic Egg Label: 1:58:18 / 118:18
Interviews: 1:29:25 / 89:25
Music: 4:35:47 / 275:47
Video: 30:55
Late additions: 1:32:03 / 92:03
total: 14:09:42 / 849:42

groups/artists count

main section entries
The Krautrock Scene [635]
Other bands & soloists [136]
Austria [72]
Cuckoos & Scrambled Eggs [106]
DDR [83]
Switzerland [102]
Beat & Historical [87*]
Classical & Avant-Garde [71]
Folk, Traditional, Ethnic [101*]
Jazz & Fusions [333*]
Neo-Prog, 80s Rock [104*]
Metal [32*]
Neue Deutsche Welle [149*]
Retro, Neo-Psych, etc. [87*]
Sonic Art & Noise [82*]
Synth, New-Age, Instrumental [314*]

That's 2,494 main entries!



1. This rom was produced on PCs with Microsoft Word html layout tools. It is a revised and expanded version of the 2007 CD-Rom, with tons of extras. The whole rom is static page layouts with hyperlinks in the manner of a website, and is best run at half the screen width of a modern widescreen monitor.

2. It has been tested with Firefox, Microsoft Explorer & Edge, Chrome and the free browser that is included. On many systems you may need to adjust settings for the audio and video elements to play. We are told that it also functions fine on Apple computers and other devices. Again, you may need to adjust settings (including adding the wmv codec) for audio/video elements to work correctly. We cannot guarantee that all elements will run correctly on all systems. However, as the whole rom is basic html with no scripts or plug-ins it should work on almost anything that has an html browser.

3. image quality. All basic discography pictures are thumbnails of 200x200px. Expanded album views are 340x340px. Photo gallery images are at the best possible for a consistent layout. Press clip images are displayed at large readable resolution whenever possible. Image sizes are a trade-off between what we can legally use without infringing copyright and file size.

4. audio/video quality. The mp3s are at the lowest resolution (56kbps) that sounds fine on a computer system. Again, this is a trade-off, between what we could get permission for from artists/labels, and what wouldn't take up too much space. The videos are what were supplied to us by artists, or what we could get artists to agree to. Had we included all audio at full resolution and videos as large screen we would have well exceeded the capacity of a DVD and also created a download too large for many people to access/download/install.

5. price. This reflects 12 years extra work since the 2007 edition (which sold at £20), and an extra 1gb of data/images.etc. These days, such a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips is a bargain at £30*. (* online prices vary. The actual recommended retail of the DVD-Rom is £40).

6. To be able to use the zip download or zipped usb stick versions you need an unzipping tool. Windows comes with a zip tool, although you may find programs such as winrar or 7zip work much faster. Similar tools are available for mac/Apple systems. Some mobile/cell/tablet systems may not support zip files and will need to be extracted on a computer system before installing. Why is the usb version supllied as a zip archive? To copy the whole rom as individual unzipped files takes approximately 40 minutes. To copy the zip archive takes less than 5 minutes. Unzipping instructions/advice is also included on the usb stick.


The images shown here are 5 example screenshots.

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